ISDIN Uradin Lotion10 13.5FL OZ (400ml)


24h hydrating body lotion for dry skin

Uradin Lotion 10 provides long-lasting moisture and helps to re-establish optimal levels of hydration in the skin. The ideal body lotion for dry or very dry skin, it works to restore skin’s natural smoothness through 24-hour intense hydration. Uradin Lotion 10 helps to reduce the itching associated with dryness, and absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling heavy or greasy. 

Size: 400 mL / 13.5 FL OZ

Main ingredients: 10% urea, 3% dexpanthenol, emollients

Good to know: Helps to relieve itching associated with dryness, fast-absorbing

Skin concern: Dehydrated skin

Skin type: All skin types, especially good for dry skin

How often do I need to apply Uradin Lotion 10?

Uradin Lotion 10 body lotion for dry skin is formulated to provide 24 hours of lasting hydration. However, you can use it once or twice a day, as you feel is appropriate for your skin.


Can I apply Uradin Lotion 10 on wet skin?

Uradin Lotion 10 can be applied on damp skin, for example after showering or taking a bath and drying off slightly. This can help your skin to absorb the emollients and allows the lotion to spread easily.

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